A bet to improve the user experience


The new software integrated into the Promethean ActivPanel Elements Series interactive panels offers direct access to the Google Play Store to download applications, allows you to resize them on the screen, and use several at the same time, among other functions.

The new software version integrated by Promethean’s ActivPanel Elements Series interactive panels has been developed to complete and extend the user experience. Thanks to it, for example, it is possible to activate Google Services and access the Play Store without restrictions to download and install the applications they need without connecting any external module.

Likewise, when opening any application, it can be displayed in a full screen or a floating window format, allowing it to be resized and positioned anywhere. This helps to have multiple applications open, display them simultaneously, and access each of them quickly and comfortably (available on Cobalt and Titanium models). The integration with accounts in the cloud through Google Drive or One Drive has also been improved, and even the work done in applications such as the Whiteboard can be saved to the accounts directly from the save menu itself. And, as a complement, it allows creating different user accounts with the possibility of customizing their appearance and access to the apps.

Share screen

The Screen Share application replaces ActivCast as a tool for wireless device mirroring. Compatible with all operating systems and with all types of devices, it facilitates the connection of up to thirty-nine computers simultaneously wirelessly.

Among them, up to four can display their image at the same time. The Panel Management application, on the other hand, allows a single administrator, through an authorized user account, to be able to make certain changes in the device configuration, reinforcing security and ensuring proper use and stable user experience.

In three models

Available in Nickel, Cobalt, and Titanium models, each one has three different sizes, ranging from 65 to 86 inches, in Ultra High Definition. To facilitate writing on its touch panel, this seventh generation of the device has Vellum technology, which guarantees a more natural and precise experience, while allowing gesture recognition according to the way of interaction with the screen.

They have a unified menu that allows quick access to the different educational tools and applications, in such a way that it makes it possible for all the pedagogical tools developed by Promethean to be integrated into the panel itself. Thanks to ActivInspire, software that makes it easy to create and deliver lessons, teachers have access to an online resource library with more than 50,000 ready-to-use alternatives in the classroom.

This library is free to use and its content covers a wide variety of topics in many languages. In this way, it is possible to use the whiteboard, the timer, the multiple device duplication tools, the ‘spinner’ and the annotation or screenshot, as well as surf the Internet, without the need to connect additional equipment.



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