Gadgets and apps to travel without leaving home


Discover what the Solar System is like, the size of a continent, or ‘teleport’ to a city in the world without leaving your living room. The following gadgets allow you to take a family trip without taking a plane and with which the little ones can learn different geographical concepts.

Now that the health crisis has reduced movements and travel to other countries, these gadgets can be useful for children and adolescents to ‘travel’ and get to know different parts of the world and various geographic data without leaving home: a globe. that shows the constellations of the sky, a virtual reality glasses to teleport to a city, or a puzzle with which to learn where the different continents and countries are some of the options that we propose.

Earth globe with light

It is ideal for locating the different continents and countries on the map, in addition to having a particularity: it can be seen in ‘day’ or ‘night’ light. ‘By day’ you can see what the Earth is like, where the seas, oceans or mountains are and with the option ‘at night’ (through an LED light) you can see the different constellations that are in the sky.

A 3D solar system

The little ones can discover the planets that make up the Solar System from their room and in 3D. To do this, you just have to hang the different planets on the ceiling and turn off the light: thanks to fluorescence, they illuminate on their own.

Virtual reality glasses

With this gadget, it is possible to travel to the ruins of an ancient city or to travel to another country without leaving home. You just have to enter a mobile device in the slot enabled for it and download an application that allows you to view the content in that format.

A magnetic puzzle

It has 92 pieces with which to form the entire planet Earth. Each of the magnetic pieces represents a country or a region of the world, being of different colors so that children can differentiate them without problems. The goal is for children from the age of seven to learn geography while they form a puzzle that, once completed, can be hung on the wall.

An app for traveling

World Traveler VR allows you to ‘teleport’ to different cities in the world such as Rome or New York or historical places such as the Egyptian pyramids, among others. With it and thanks to virtual reality, you can inspect every corner of a street, a square, or the immensity of the Amazon in detail. It is available for Android and it is free.



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