How to make secure online purchases?


There are some precautions that you should take into account when shopping online, these are some of them.

In these months when confinement is constant and when for security we prefer to stay home and go out only when necessary, shopping through the internet has become a tool used by even those who previously did not.

However, although the acquisition of products through the network has grown enormously, scams and computer crimes have also grown. Today at we want to give you these recommendations so that you can make your purchases online as safely as possible.

  • Confirm that the page where you will make the purchase is secure, a padlock located in the bar at the top will indicate that it has a security certificate. Verify that the URL of the page begins with “https” and not “HTTP” as a measure to avoid hackers.
  • Know who you will buy from, the contact tab must be perfectly visible and it must be effective through different channels, such as a telephone and a physical address. In forums and social networks, comments from people with different experiences with different shopping portals usually appear, which will help you form an opinion.
  • If the page asks you to download suspicious and malicious software, it is not serious or safe.
  • Know the process of buying the page, it is key that the same page is in charge of receiving the payments so that she responds and supports it.
  • The page should allow you to see the order history and track it, dates, times, transport companies and guide numbers must be known.
  • It is important that the company’s NIT can be verified with regulatory institutions and if it is a natural person, that its recommendations are the best, not by one but by several people and that they are verifiable.
  • Make payments with companies that have agreements with receiving companies with high levels of acceptance and security such as Paypal, online payments, among others.
  • The portal must have the means of payment integrated and that it is made by the means you chose, it must also have the option of making payments without a credit card with Baloto, Efecty, PSE, Daviplata, bank transfers, consignments, and others.
  • The page must have a post-sale service where you can confirm if they have already received your payment, where you can know when you will receive your product, and have a verifiable contact in case of complaints or inconveniences.

Do not leave your online purchases to chance, remember that your money is valuable and you should not allow some to want to keep it or cheat you with poor service.


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