Tablets with keyboard included


With the help of a keyboard, included as standard or purchased separately but designed specifically for each one, these tablets can be transformed into authentic portable computers where it is very comfortable to write documents, reply to messages or carry out all kinds of work.

All these tablets have keyboards designed specifically for them (included as standard or purchased separately) that facilitate the writing of all kinds of documents and files, making its use very similar to that of a laptop.

It has a 10.5-inch screen with 1,920 x 1,280 pixels of resolution and works with Windows 10 Home. Hence, it brings many of the applications used in conventional computers preloaded: Office office suite, storing documents in the cloud through OneDrive …

As for the keyboard, it is ultra-thin and compact, includes backlit keys and a large glass touch panel that allows you to navigate precisely and draw a sketch, and color directly on it. Very easy to put on and take off, it allows you to place the tablet at any inclination. Also, it has been made of soft and resistant fabric (Alcantara).

Apple iPad 2019 + iPad Smart Keyboard

With a 10.2-inch screen, it is the cheapest Apple tablet (except for the Mini model) and it has an iPad’s operating system, specially designed for tablets: it allows you to use several applications at the same time, it makes it possible to browse folders to find files, compress and decompress files, has a full version of Safari (the same as on Mac computers), allows you to install text fonts, use keyboard shortcuts … and even copy and consult files stored on a storage unit external.

The keyboard is standard size, attaches to the iPad and, thanks to its folding design, allows you to place the tablet in the position that is most comfortable at all times. When it’s not typing, it becomes a slim, lightweight case that protects the tablet.

Lenovo Miix 510

It has a 12.2-inch Full HD touch screen, works with Windows 10, and is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera. To retouch them and make presentations or process documents, it is accompanied by a detachable keyboard with backlight, whose keys have a 1.5 mm travel that simulates the feeling of typing on a laptop. Also, it incorporates a highly accurate touch panel that can be adjusted to respond to even the lightest touches and the strongest clicks. It also works as a folio-type case, protecting the tablet on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 + Samsung Book Cover Keyboard

It stands out for incorporating an optical fingerprint sensor on the screen that allows you to forget passwords. With the Android operating system, it offers the multi-window function, thanks to which the screen (10.5 inches) is divided to simultaneously use different applications. It comes standard with an S Pen stylus: a versatile stylus with which you can take notes, sketch or sign documents, and offers the possibility to control various functions with gestures; ideal for controlling presentations or videos. And to store and charge it, the tablet houses a notch on the back where it is held by a magnet.

A keyboard case with a touchpad that acts as a mouse to operate the tablet. Also, it is removable to be able to use both components individually. It consists of a dedicated space to store the S Pen and has a removable foot.

HP Elite X2 1012 G2

More than a tablet with a keyboard, it is a detachable computer with a very advanced configuration: seventh-generation Intel processor, a 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home operating system… It integrates a 12.3-inch screen with a WQXGA + resolution and Different solutions to improve the image and voice during videoconferences. It also emphasizes security, offering a dual biometric identification system focused on facial authentication that provides a more personal and secure way to log in and fingerprint reader.



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